Another hall, some stuff about Stomcock's wife, the girl is his daughter. So the girl explains her magic stuff and how she can beam in conveniently placed stuff from another dimension, but will wait for you to press X for some reason. It makes sense if you don't think about it.\n\nShooting. A robot George Washington attacks you. Shooting.\n\nYou find Boss #1, he's still alive.\n\n[[Spare his life after killing hundreds of other people]]\n[[Kill him]]
He stabs you in the hand.\n\n[[Shootin' time]]
Shloot, shloot, shloot. At this point you realize this game is like a hunting safari. Look at that majestic creature in its beautiful habitat, SHOOT IT! LOOT IT!\n\nYou enter a saloon, there are dead bodies and blood everywhere, apparently an uprising was ruthlessly crushed here. You begin to think about humanity, was causes people to - MONEY! FOOD! AMMO! It's lootin' time. The girl finally makes herself useful and takes some money off of a murdered corpse and throws it to you.\n\n[[Still fetching]]\n
Loading...\n[[Soldier's Field]]
So this whole fetch quest there's been some alluding to a soldier guy leading an uprising, let's call him Boss #1. Boss #1 tells you he wants you to kill all of his men. Then there's some stuff about the Boxer Rebellion. As you're being told that war is bad you pick up some boots that help you kill people when jumping off rails.\n\nYou blow a dude's head off. Shoot. Shoot. Loot. Loot. Shoot. Shoot. Shoot. Loot. Some stuff about Wounded Knee. Shoot. Shoot. Loot. Loot. Shoot. Shoot. Shoot. Loot.\n\nAt this point you're thinking to yourself there must have been an easier way around that gondola, like climbing on the gondola cable. Don't you have a hook thing on your hand that lets you ride rails?\n\nA help screen pops up telling you if see an enemy weakened you can hold Y to take mercy on them.\n\n[[Just shoot them]]\n[[Hold Y]]
Excellent choice!\n\n[[Get the thing you've been fetching this whole time]]
Just kidding! You rip their head off.\n\nYour ladyfriend is all like "Ugh".\n\n[[Shoot]]
You find her, she tells you to get away from her.\n\n[[Women don't know what they want, continue to pursue her]]\n[[Let her go]]
Shoot. shoot. shoot.\n\n[[Shoot]]
Excellent choice!\n\n[[Get the thing you've been fetching this whole time]]
Previously on Bioshoot Infinite:\n\nLoot. Loot. Murder. Murder. Loot. Murder. Murder. Murder. Loot. Loot. Murder. Loot. Loot. Loot. Murder. Murder. Murder. Loot. Loot. Dancing. Loot. Loot. Loot. You died.\n\nBut you instantly respawned. Twist! And now the continuing adventures of Dude Bro McGunpants and some girl...\n\nSo you're trying to get two tickets for this airship to Paris, the ticket guy is talking on the phone with some friends about a totally unrelated matter involving some guy and girl the police are looking for.\n\n[[Kindly ask the ticket guy for your tickets]]\n[[Shootin' time]]
You murder a bunch of dudes, immediately after you and the girl engage in some witty banter. She must have played video games when she was younger because she is quickly desensitized to violence.\n\nYou go into an elevator but it stops, so the girl takes the opportunity to explain her magical powers. Some multi-dimensional crap. Cutsceneavator ends and you come across some guys planning a revolt or something.\n\n[[Murder them]]\n[[Don't murder them]]
You find her trapped in a gondola type thing. She's all freaked out by your awesome pwning of all those n00bs. You're all like "Chill out, those dudes totally deserved it, remember the tower and stuff?". She buys it.\n\nShe heals your hand if you got stabbed.\n\nGondola ride/cutscene over, lootin' time.\n\n[[Loadin' time]]
But thou must!\n\n[[Murder them]]\n[[Don't murder them]]
Got it! Backtracking time.\n\nYou and the girl talk, she says she now realizes that sometimes you have to kill hundreds of people because the switch for a gondola doesn't work. You explain that it's bad to enjoy the only thing in the game that you actually do.\n\nThen you shoot a bunch more dudes.\n\nWithout joy.\n\n\nTo be continued...
You loot Gary's now lifeless body and find some salts. The girl, who has just seen you kill dozens of policemen has run off.\n\n[[Pursue her]]
Bioshoot Infinite +2
You let her go, hoping that someday she can recover from the traumatic events she just witnessed. You take comfort in the fact that she's probably better off not being around a violent psychopath.\n\nThe police catch up to you, you stand trial and are sentenced to be hanged for all the murdering you did. Just before the hangman puts the hood over your head you catch a glimpse of the girl in the crowd, she looks sad and still perplexed by what has happened, but appears to have begun to make a new life for herself. You find a small peace in this as the trapdoor of the gallows opens and you die.\n\nThe End
Someone tries to grab the girl so you shoot him, she runs off. An elaborate trap has been set here. A policeman, named Gary, who joined the force only three weeks ago to support his wife and 5 kids, reluctantly joins the fray armed with only a billy club. He is afraid, not for his own life, but of what will happen to his family if he dies.\n\nYou light him on fire with your Devil's Kiss magic, his cries of pain join a chorus of sorrow, drowning your thoughts in a baptism of hellish fury. Also you're low on salts.\n\n[[Find more salts]]
Now there's a lady broadcasting a message about how the false Shepard is in the city still pretending to be a spaceship commander. She warns the men not to let their womenfolk be fooled by this Captain Kirk wannabe wannabe. Time for a little of the old shoot and loot.\n\n[[Shoot and loot]]\n\n\n\n
Soldier's Field is a place where people drop stuff on the ground, put money and food in the trash, and leave weapons and ammo lying around everywhere. Also there's some social commentary I think.\n\n"Stealing may have consequences" a voice in your face tells you.\n\nThere's some families enjoying this amusement park, they don't seem to mind you strolling through here with your machine gun. You talk with the girl about your past and how you did some bad stuff. Probably not murdering hundreds of people bad, but maybe beat up some striking steel workers.\n\nYou get to another gondola but the switch doesn't work. Fetch!\n\n[[Fetch]]